And I dare anybody to try and cut my Wings.

Mostly Dong Bang Shin Ki and Block B.

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Where the hell did Park Kyung come from.



✱ When Pyoji gets his hands on Taeillie's feet
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Jaejoong singing “Wasurenaide" at his Vietnam fanmeeting [121110]

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Tohoshinki 2014 Live Tour ~TREE~ Photo Album

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Jim Carrey 

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140813 Jung Junyoung SSTP - Zico cut

  • <b> Junyoung:</b> One of our listeners has asked 'Zico oppa, you're quite the conservative type but how come your ideal type of woman is a sexy woman?'<p><b>Zico:</b> I think I am conservative only when it comes to my lifestyle but as for things that I look out for, I'm very open minded.<p><b></b> --<p><b>Junyoung:</b> Another listener asks, 'Are you guys the type to confess right away if you like a girl? I'm curious about how you would do it!'<p><b>Zico:</b> I think I would confess right away but only when I'm definitely sure of my feelings. I feel like I would ponder on that for a while. If I were to have confessed to a woman based on sudden interest of the moment, then that feeling may expire as fast as it came since I myself don't know my own emotions. I would probably keep trying to confirm my emotions and when it turns out to be definite, then I would confess.<p><b></b> --<p><b>Junyoung:</b> A listener has sent in 'Imagine that your girlfriend is angry at you because of your mistake and you have to show aegyo in order to make up!'<p><b>Zico:</b> I'll do something which our fans have been wanting for a while... (Said all in Japanese) "ZicoZicoNii~ Your heart is Zico's Nii~ No way~ No way~ Zico belongs to everyone~"<p>


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[JAEHYO] Zico said “enjoy your flight” in our group chat He looked cute and pretty so I’m posting it

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